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Email is 40% Better at Converting

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Email Marketing Has a 4200% ROI ($42 per $1 spent)

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Email & Advertising Emails Influence Buying Decisions of 50.7% of Consumers

Is Email Marketing Really Beneficial for Your Business?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services. Emailing your customers can make it a bit easier to sell and educate your audience, therefore helping motivate them to visit or purchase. This high level of engagement helps in your goal of adding value. We can help design and implement your email marketing campaign in turn helping to get the best ROI from your program.


Check out this quick video on how email marketing works

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But Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Similar to social media, email users are in abundance, with over 4 billion users, making email a great source for marketing. Accordingly, email marketing can help you take your content (in whatever form it is) and propel it to the next level. Unquestionably adding email marketing to your current marketing plan can help put your business in the hands of your audience, like mentioned before, similar to social media. The difference? Email marketing has a much bigger impact. Lets see how!

Emails generate better results than most marketing channels

Emails help with customer engagement and retention

59% of consumers say marketing emails have influenced their buying decisions

73% of people say that email is their preferred marketing channel.

Emails integrate with your other marketing channels seamlessly

99% of users check their email every day


$ 395 /Month
  • 2 Emails per Month
  • Email Design
  • Email Copy
  • Email List Management
  • Monthly Reports


$ 595 /Month
  • 4 Emails per Month
  • Email Design
  • Email Copy
  • Email List Management
  • Monthly Reports


$ 795 /Month
  • 8 Emails per Month
  • Email Design
  • Email Copy
  • Email List Management
  • Monthly Reports

Ready to Get Your Email Marketing Campaign Going?

CollatinCreative is a full-service digital marketing company with a strategic focus on helping small businesses implement and design marketing solutions that work within their budget. We work with brands across multiple sectors to create campaigns that help them increase traffic, reputation, and revenue

Here Are Your Most FAQ's

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the practice of  improving the appearance and position of your website in organic search results.

SEO is all about trust and credibility and when these items increase they make your business more valuable and more visibile. SEO is crucial when gaining trust and credibility and the more it increases the more people see. The more poeple see it the more people will call, visit and spend $$

Social Media is a great tool when attempting to  reach a larger audience. In fact, 90% of marketers say their social media marketing  has increased their audience exposure, and 75% say its increased traffic. Its a very useful tool when used properly

Simple answer? Yes! Email marketing has been and continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach customers and convert sales. In fact, email marketing continues to hold the highest ROI rate of any form of marketing with an ROI % of 4200%! No, that is not a typo

We have over 30 years of customer service experience and in those years if there is anything we have learned its that the world still loves human to human contact. Automation is great but nothing beats P2P contact. 


With the CFU Program we will contact your customers to say thank you, appointment reminders, declined sales, aging accounts, you name it – we cover it

Not to boast, but its rather quick. In most instances we can turn around a design within 24 hours. Mind you that does not include revisions and other incidentals out of our control.

We can even handle majority of your print requirements and also provide design services for vinyl lettering for windows, doors, walls, floors, cars – oh my!

Graphic design is a bit of a weird little beast when talking fees. For teh most part it is billed hourly with an agreed amount of time. Often, we will just give a flat rate if its something simple like a business card or general marketing materials (sales sheets, brochures etc)

All pricing is negotiated and agreed upon before hand

Pricing is dependent on need. Why? Everyones needs are different and require different levels of commitment and work.

Fortunately, we do have a pricing menu with pricing that is pretty accurate and should be a great guide to get you started. You can find general  pricing on each servicesrespective page

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