Low Risk, High Reward: Why Email Marketing is Your Best Business Asset

Email Marketing for Small Business
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So your looking for a way to grow your business. There really is no debate that enticing customers to do business is the key to running a business successfully.  That said, the chances are likely that you are looking to expand your market and grow your current customer base. But how do you do that? How do you get people into your business, store, website, etc.? Email marketing and its low risk, high reward and we will discuss why.

While I’ve made it sound simple, there are many avenues you can take with so many options that it can be mind-numbing to try and figure out just exactly which one is the right choice. It can make designing and implementing a plan for your marketing a bit overwhelming.

Lets Dig Into Some Real Numbers

  • 64% of small businesses use email to communicate updates, promotions, and general information to their customer base
  • Marketers who used segmented campaigns (a feature within  an email marketing campaign) note as much as a 760% increase in revenue
  • 78% of marketers in 2020 said email is important to overall company success
  • The single message autoresponder email had an astonishing 98% open rate and a 37% click-through rate.
  • 99% of email users check their inbox every day, with some checking 20 times a day. Of those people, 58% of consumers check their email first thing in the morning. 
  • 91 percent of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with 
  • According to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. 
  • 72% of customers prefer email as their main channel for business communication.
  • Email is 40% better at converting (in comparison to Facebook and Twitter).
  • Marketing and advertising emails influence the buying decision of 50.7% of customers.

Those are some impressive numbers, and that’s just the tip of the never-ending list of data. But I think that gives you a pretty good idea of just how much an email marketing campaign can benefit your business.

But let’s break down a few other benefits email marketing provides your company.

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5 essential benefits of email marketing

Create personalized content | Providing personalized content is the number one benefit of an email marketing campaign. Think about it, if you received something that was customized to your likes and interests, you would be much more likely to take the time to view or read it. Right? 

With segmentation, you are able to customize your emails, subjects lines, body, and more parts of your emails to match each customer within your email list. This provides them a more enhanced the experience and boosts your open rates and conversion

Build credibility | As a business owner, you understand the importance of credibility within your customer base and email is no different. Tailoring your content according to what your readers want by knowing their needs and interests will get your emails to read instead of getting sent straight to the old spam folder.

Improve Sales | 60 percent of consumers say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a marketing email they received

Using email as a way to promote your business will give your customers a chance to jump on an offer right away, whether it be by phone, computer, or tablet. 

Increase Traffic to Your Website | We’re already talking about driving traffic, we can’t forget about online. Your website will benefit from email marketing conversion in the form of web traffic as well. By including links or photos to products or services, you can use emails to engage customers with pieces of content directed to your website.

Build Stronger Relationships | As we mentioned earlier, building relationships is one of the most important things to focus on as a business and email marketing can help do just that. By providing information or content they want directly to their inbox regularly. By providing them news on your business, updates, promotions, and general info, they will build a level of trust that is sure to help when it’s time to convert to sales.

If done right, they will eventually look to your business on a more consistent basis for guidance in your field and value you as a go-to source. Remember, loyalty is important, very important.

So, again, Why is email marketing important? Email provides proven and valuable data, that can give you valuable insight into your audience giving you the opportunity to capitalize on that opportunity. And therefore helps you gain valuable customer relations while enjoying the fruits of high ROI and staying on-trend.

Apply Your Email Knowledge

Now that we have discussed the many benefits of email marketing in an effort to help you decide on -not if but when- to make that move to email marketing, keep these points fresh in mind and give us a call (or email) when you’re ready to launch your next campaign. 


If you would like to discuss your email marketing plan or have questions, please contact us